Bharat Vikas Parishad(BVP)

Bharat Vikas Parishad is a non-political organization with it's headquarters in India with more than 950 branches and 40 trusts spread through out India and abroad with membership base of more than 65000 persons.
It is suitable to every body in general and to well-educated & elite people in particular  who have love & dedication to their motherland BHARAT (India). It has membership of more than 65000.
The organization is a group of like-minded intelligent people ready to devote time and energy to a social cause. It is a family organization.

Central Office

Bharat Vikas Bhawan
(Behind Power House)
New Delhi-110088 (INDIA)
Phones:+91 11 2731305&27316049
Fax: +91 11 27314515

Piller of Strength- Its 5 Principles

The organization works on 5 following principals of life which are the pillers of strength to this society to fulfil its objectives.


Lead by Example.Go to your own society without just giving the lesson of moral and charecter building but with your own bright charecter,moral and nice behavior. Show your faith and contact, motivate the people of th society.


Help poors assuming his shiv(Indian God). Never look on his caste, race, color. To build a great India, all these millions of helpless deprived people should have confidence. It is the responsibily of the member to create a sense of closeness with these less fortunate people.


Great and hight regarded ideals and proven traditional morals of indian society attract people of our society. Bharat Vikas Parishad always looks for those people who have shown these morals and earned reputation in the society based upon their quality and recognises them so that these high moral people can give inspirations to others.


service with any desire and greed is a super act in Indian Society. Parishad want to creat that sense among its member.


All these qualities are possible when a person has a feeling of sacrifice and dedication.By continuously organising quality activities, parishad tries to create such persons who can serve their motherland, India.

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Bharatpur Branch
Current Executive Penal

Bharatpur branch of Bharat Vikas Parishad(BVP) was opened in bharatpur on 8th Jan 1984 by the founder of BVP, Dr. Suraj Prakash. Conference took place in the local "sanatan dharam hall including the presence of reputed local personalities of that time.
It was decided that Dr. M.G Sexena, famous Eye Specialist in bharatpur will coordinate to kick start the BVP in bharatpur and coordinate all ativities.

Other people in the penal were

  1. Shri SitaRam Agrawal, Bhatte wale
  2. Advocate Lakhami Chand
  3. Shri Nath Saraf
  4. Dr. G.C Kapoor
  5. Advocate Radhe Lal Gupta
  6. Shri Satish Chand Bhradwaj
  7. Shri Ram Bharosi Gupta
  8. Shri Sahib Ram Sagar
  9. Shri Rakesh Khadelwal
Magazine " Abhilasha" being published by Local Branch of Bharatpur