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Goverment Educational Institutes in Bharatpur are divided into five parts, Primary ( upto five standard ), Upper Primary (upto eighth standard ), Secondary (upto tenth standard), Senior Secondary (upto twelth standard) and College Education ( above twelth standard). Professional and Special education in state also exists. In addition to this, there are severel of private schools starting from nursary to senior Secondary level.
As per 2000 Govt. records,Number of Education Institutes in Bharatpur are:

  • primary Schools are 1249
  • Upper Primary Schools are 889
  • Secondary Schools are 243
  • professional Education Schools are 7
  • Colleges are 7

Key Rulers of Bharatpur
Raja Badan Singh
Maharaja Surajmal
jawahar Singh
Jaswant Singh
Kishan Singh
Brijendra Singh